July 31

Willow Fire Update July 31 2015

The Willow Fire is now listed at 4,394 Acres and 30% contained.

Incident Overview

From July 30, 2015

Perimeter July 30 showing the relative location of various places.

The Willow Fire is located on the northern edge of the North Fork Fire Footprint from 2001 and is in steep and rugged terrain which requires hand crews to hike into the area and be supported by helicopters and air tankers. The southern edge of the fire is established in the previously burned area and resistance to control along the flanks increases. This is due to the concentrations of brush and larger dead timber debris, intermingled with a concentration of tree snags.
Direct attack on the southern flank is no longer feasible as it has become unsafe for firefighters and there is a low probability of success. Crews have initiated firing along the southeast edge of the fire to prevent it from out flanking them and maintaining safety. Further south a contingency line from the 2001 North Fork Fire has now become the primary control line to protect the community of Cascadel Woods. Due to this CALFIRE has now entered into Unified Command with the USFS.
On the northern flank the fire pushed through a large granite face known locally as 7-Rock. Crews will continue to scout the previously constructed fuel breaks and road systems on the northern edge with a potential for use as other contingency lines.
The use of aircraft, both helicopters and tankers continue to be used to support ground crews. A portable retardant plant was established today to enhance the effectiveness of air resources and reduce the turnaround time of helicopters.
The expected high pressure system moved into the fire area bringing much warmer temperatures. Monsoonal moisture may produce dry thunderstorms Today turning wet Friday and Saturday.
As the Willow Fire continues to burn, smoke will be impacting local communities. Smoke is typically greater in the morning and evening hours. Plan outdoor activities for times and places with low smoke levels. Up-slope breezes occur during the day, which will often take smoke into higher elevations. In the evening, these winds change direction and bring smoke back down slope to lower elevations.
A Willow Fire information phone number has been established for further information about the fire. That number is (559) 877-7449. Please be patient as call volume varies throughout the day.
– The Central Camp area and Douglas Ranger Station Rd above Trails End was evacuated due to the fire.
– The American Red Cross has set up an evacuation center which is located at the Oakhurst Community Center, 39800 Road 425 B in Oakhurst, CA.
Campgrounds – Gagges, Whiskers, and Whiskey Falls are closed.
Willow Canyon Rd is closed. Central Camp Rd is closed. Autumn Ridge Rd (8S09) is closed. Douglas Ranger Station Rd is closed at Trails End.

  • Engines 132
  • Hand Crews 44
  • Dozers 18
  • Water Tenders 33
  • Helicopters 9
  • Tankers available on request 4
  • Very Large Air Tanker 1

Basic Information

Current as of 7/31/2015, 6:31:01 AM
Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Human
Date of Origin Saturday July 25th, 2015 approx. 02:30 PM
Location NE of North Fork, CA
Incident Commander David Cooper SCSIIMT And Kevin Smith CALFIRE
Incident Description Wildfire

Current Situation

Total Personnel 1,920
Size 4,394 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained 30%
Fuels Involved Timber, Chaparral, Tall grass.


Planned Actions Fire crews are engaged with structure assessment and protection. Direct and indirect line construction continues on all sides of the fire. Crews will continue to mop up where safe to do so.
Remarks The Willow Fire is located on the northern edge of the 2001 footprint of the North Fork Fire. The fire is now burning well into this area and resistance to control increases due to heavy brush and dead woody materials.A direct firefighting strategy on the southern edge is no longer feasible due to the low probability of success and being unsafe for firefighters. Along the northern flank the fire continued to move through an area known locally as the 7 Rock. Aircraft are being utilized to support crews working on the ground. A portable retardant plant was established today which will reduce the time taken to to return to the firelines.

Current Weather

Weather Concerns The high pressure ridge is in place over the region which is bringing much warmer temperatures to the fire area. Localized down canyon winds in the Willow Creek Drainage may push the fire at night. Anticipated monsoonal moisture may produce dry thunderstorms beginning Thursday turning wet Friday and Saturday


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