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The Wildland Urban Interface WUI

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What is the Wildland Urban Interface or WUI (wooey)?

The Wildland Urban Interface WUI is the primary focus of the Firewise Communities program of the NFPA.
The WUI is the fancy name for structures and land in and around “wild” land. Wildland is where most extreme wildfires are likely to occur.
Do you want your home to survive a WUI wildfire?
Harden Your Home
NFPA WUI Article

Public or Private Living in the Interface is Risky

Some wildland may be private property such as large ranches and private forest holdings. Some is public owned National Forest, National Park, County, City, State and so on.

Eastern Madera County WUI

Here in Eastern Madera County most wild land is public owned Sierra National Forest.
Getting fire wise not only benefits you and your loved ones, but you are also protecting your public property.
Pubic lands are an extremely valuable resource. Resource conservation is an important objective for us all.