January 31

The Big Burn of 1910


PBS is going to run a Special on the Forest Fires of 1910 that killed 70+ firefighters and destroyed millions of acres in America. Many small towns were destroyed or damaged.

The documentary is well researched and will be professionally presented.

The PBS television network is scheduled to air a program on February 3 about the fires of 1910 that changed wildland fire management for the next 100 years. The program is part of the American Experience series, and this episode is named “The Fire That Changed Everything — The Big Burn”. It is based on Timothy Egan’s best-selling book, “The Big Burn”.
ON PBS February 3, 2015  On The American experience  9:00 PM  3 Million Acres Burned  at least 78 Firefighters were Dead. It was the largest fire in American History  “THE BIG BURN”.

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