August 26

Small Steps Can Help Save Homes from Wildfire says NatGeo Article

The Fire Break blog of the NFPA recently posted an interesting article citing a National Geographic piece on wildfire home destruction.
According to the post, simple and small steps have a big impact on the potential of preventing structure loss during a fire.
This is the core of Firewise Communities and the program is cited as well:

Author Warren Cornwall explains how homeowners fit nicely into this equation, and how they can and should take responsibility for mitigating their own property. Easy steps, he says, like putting screens over attic vents, trimming trees and getting rid of pine needles in gutters, are known to make a real difference in whether a home survives a wildfire. These steps, he writes, are backed by 10 years of research conducted by scientists who make it their mission to learn about and identify the factors that contribute to home losses in a wildfire, and what we can do to reduce that loss. It’s also the backbone of NFPA’s Firewise Communities Program.


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