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Relevant Codes & Legal Resources

Below are relevant codes and legal resources that impact those of us living in WUI. The links are generally to the text of codes themselves. Some explanation is provided as well.
As always, and FMC can’t say this enough, harden your home for the greatest peace of mind!

  • Public Resources Code 4291: This is the structural clearance code for California. This code was a direct result of the 1990 fire season. This is the law that covers defensible space requirements around structures.
  • CAL GOV. CODE § 51183.5: This code covers the requirement that sellers of property in a high wildfire risk area must disclose that fact. Hardening your home truly may improve your property value and ease of sale.

    High fire hazard disclosure rules. A transferor of real property that is located within a very high fire hazard severity zone, designated pursuant to this chapter, shall disclose to any prospective transferee the fact that the property is located within a very high fire hazard severity zone, and is subject to the requirements of Section 51182.