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NFPA Inaugural Wildfire Community Preparedness Day! May 3, 2014


Wildfire Community Preparedness Day 2014This year’s inaugural national Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is May 3, 2014. Please share the importance of community-wide participation in this event!
Click for PDF with Social Media posts and links to share: Inaugural Wildfire Preparedness Day 2014
We’re encouraging participants to add their Wildfire Preparedness Day activity(s) to the “Put Your Project on the Map” feature on www.WildfirePrepDay.org.  Joining other communities in this endeavor will help create an interactive visual that demonstrates the magnitude of the combined grassroots efforts occurring nationwide on May 3.
You’ll also find no charge promotional/outreach resources at http://wildfire.blog.nfpa.org/2014/03/flyers-postcards-web-banners-oh-my-materials-to-help-promote-your-preparedness-day-activities-availa.html and a list of potential project ideas.
Wildfire Community Preparedness Day 2014 Flier

WildfireCommunity Preparedness Day May 3, 2014

Social Media Twitter and Facebook Posts:

  1. National Wildfire Preparedness Day of Service is May 3. Project ideas for all ages and abilities: http://ow.ly/uemO0 #WildfirePrepDay
  2. Invest an hour or a day helping your community with a #WildfirePrepDay project on May 3. Ideas at http://ow.ly/uemO0
  3. Wildfire Preparedness = making others aware too. Do a May 3 #WildfirePrepDay project that helps a neighbor http://ow.ly/uena7
  4. Make your actions speak loudly – commit a couple of hours or a whole day on May 3 to reduce your wildfire risk http://ow.ly/uemO0
  5. Help a neighbor complete a #WildfirePrepDay project on May 3. Wildfire Preparedness is everyone’s responsibility http://ow.ly/uena7
  6. Put your National #WildfirePrepDay project on the map & let others know what you are planning! http://ow.ly/ubx4u
  7. Wildfire preparedness projects come in all sizes. Find the size that fits you at http://ow.ly/uemO0 and get it done on May 3.
  8. Tell us what your May 3 wildfire preparedness project looks like at http://ow.ly/uenxj #WildfirePrepDay
  9. Make it dirty or keep it clean – wildfire preparedness projects come in a wide variety of options. Find yours http://ow.ly/uemO0
  10. Need a May 3 #WildfirePrepDay project? Hold a garage sale & donate $ to help a local wildland fire dept. http://ow.ly/uemO0
  11. Enlist the help of a friend or relative & get something great accomplished on #WildfirePrepDay 5/3 http://ow.ly/uemO0
  12. Find safety tips for your May 3 #WildfirePrep Day project at http://ow.ly/uemO0
  13. Take photos/video of your home & belongings for your 5/3 #wildfireprepday project. FREE home inventory software: http://ow.ly/k7EX0.
  14. #WildfirePrepDay (5/3) is a great day to create a Family Communication Plan. http://ow.ly/uemO0
  15. Find a #Firewise plant list at http://ow.ly/ueowQ and rethink your landscaping during the May 3 #WildfirePrepDay
  16. Wildfires can happen when you’re not home-does your babysitter know what to do? Share ur family’s emerg plan May 3 http://ow.ly/uemO0
  17. Develop and practice your home evacuation plan during the #WildfirePrepDay on May 3 http://ow.ly/uemO0
  18. Build or update a 72-hour kit as your #WildfirePrepDay project on May 3 http://ow.ly/uemO0
  19. In a wildfire evacuation pets have needs too-build a kit for your animals as a #WildfirePrepDay project on 5/3 http://ow.ly/uemO0
  20. Put your May 3 wildfire project photos/video on Facebook to share & encourage others: http://ow.ly/k7i5R


2014, NFPA Inaugural Wildfire Community Preparedness Day May 3

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