November 4

News of the Week – November 4


  • An unfortunate reminder that wildfires are still very much a danger in the fall. Stay firewise, everyone.
  • New report says there is a major fire “deficit” in the greater Sierra Nevada Region. The summary is a little dry and technical, but worth checking out.
  • Interesting NFPA article: “Debunking 10 Myths about Home Fire Sprinklers.”


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  1. I’m curious what you think about the possibilities of PRC 4291 making changes that could allow/require homeowners whose unmaintained properties that constitute a fire hazard to adjoining homes to be responsible to clear that part of their property that falls within the 100 foot clearance area of that adjoining home? We have written letters to Brown, Feinstein and the Madera Board of Supervisors, two letters to Tom Wheeler. Not one response has been made to us. We have been completely ignored. Fire prevention is possible with some change and common sense. All the “Fire Prevention” stuff that goes around seems to us to be just a front for little or no proactiveness. The election on Tuesday wants us to add another tax for fire and law purposes on top of the Fire Fee. Don’t you think that the Board could take a moment to respond even if they just say “We’re not interested nor intend to even look into your concerns.”?

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