June 9

National Wildfire Prevention and Education Team Activated for the Sierra National Forest


Phone: (559)360-9663 email: dtune@fs.fed.us
FOR RELEASE: Date:  June 4, 2015 Contact: Daniel Tune, Prevention Team Leader
National Wildfire Prevention and Education Team Activated for the Sierra National Forest
Clovis, California- – A National Wildfire Prevention and Education Team has been activated from the Sierra National Forest to develop short and long term wildfire prevention and education strategies. The team is based locally and was activated on June 4, 2015.  Record low levels of snowfall coupled with prolonged drought have caused extensive tree mortality leaving the forest vulnerable to catastrophic wildland fires.  Many of the recent wildfires have been human caused and are therefore preventable.
The five member team is made up of fire prevention specialists from the local area. Team Leader Daniel Tune says, “We look forward to working with our Federal, State, Tribal and Local partners to establish short and long term wildfire prevention and education strategies that will be effective for public, tribal and private landowners in this part of the state.”
The Prevention Team is concentrating its efforts on reducing “human caused” fires in the Central Sierra area, many of which result from escaped campfires, debris burning and fireworks. The potential for catastrophic wildfires has increased across California as fire indices grow and moisture levels continue to decrease this summer.
Key efforts for the team will include:

  • Increasing the general knowledge of wildfire prevention through the “One Less Spark” campaign and “Drown, Stir and Feel” campaign for campfire safety.
  • Heighten vigilance of fire prevention patrol utilizing forest personel.
  • Increase knowledge of issues relating to the Wildland Urban Interface (Defensible Space, Firewise and Ready Set Go)
  • Provide information to the public that will increase stewardship and personal responsibility on public, private and tribal lands.  “Take Action” if you see a safety issue, please say something or report it.
  • Promote interagency cooperation in developing a comprehensive communication/action plan to be utilized during periods of extreme fire danger.

The team will be based in North Fork for its two month assignment.
The National Prevention and Education Team can be reached at
(559) 360-9663, or email: dtune@fs.fed.us  from 7am to 7pm everyday.
For more information visit: www.preventwildfireca.org


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