July 31

Madera County 311 Launches Tomorrow

Madera County has introduced a quick and convenient way to reach non-emergency County personnel during business hours dubbed Madera County 311 At Your Service.
Madera County 311 IS NOT FOR EMERGENCIES! Always dial 911 in cases of emergency.
To use Madera County 311, all you do is dial 311 from any phone in Madera County and you will be connected to an operator who can answer questions and guide you to whatever you need. Yes, this works with cell phones in the area as well, no matter the source number or area code. The 311 web site launches tomorrow August 1, 2012 http://MadCo311.com/. Scroll down for more.
Madera County 311 At Your Service

What is 311?

  • 311 is an easy to remember phone number citizens can call to obtain up to date information on all non-emergency County services.
  • 311 works with cell phones when in Madera County as well as land lines in Madera County

How 311 Works

  • 311 operators provide information, take service requests and refer callers to government agencies.
  • 311 operators are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Citizens can also obtain information and make service requests through the 311 web site – www.MadCo311.com coming August 1st.

Benefits of 311

  • 311 Provides citizens with self or agent assisted help and or service.
  • 311 gives citizens the choice of communication channels.
  • 311 helps put people in touch with County government while providing County officials with another method for hearing the needs and demands of County residents.


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