May 26

Have Fun & Stay Safe on Memorial Day!


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Memorial Weekend is a great time for BBQs, camping and just about every other outdoor activity. We hope you are lucky enough to get outdoors this Memorial Day, but we wanted to remind you of a few safety tips, to keep your home or campground fire free. Cal Fire is increasing its staffing for the weekend, due to increased fire danger thanks to high winds and the chance of lightning in the highest elevations of the Sierras.


According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are almost 9,000 home fires caused by grilling every year. So please take a couple minutes to watch this short TODAY show clip on keeping your grill safe by checking for gas leaks, and ensuring the grill isn’t too close to the side of your home.


If you plan to go camping, the U.S. Forest Service offers the following fire information:

Despite the recent wet weather, the Forest Service is reminding campers to fully extinguish campfires. Also, be prepared, take your own water for drinking, washing and extinguishing campfires. Due to the ongoing drought, many places on the forest do not have drinkable water available.
Campfires are allowed with a valid California Campfire Permit. Stoves and lanterns with shut-off valves that use gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel also require a valid campfire permit. Permits are available Monday through Friday at each district office or at

Park Closures

Here is a news release from the USFS on safety and parks that will not be open in time for Memorial Day:

Memorial Day is next week, and due to the unprecedented number of hazard trees present and the associated risk to the public, the Sierra National Forest (SNF) will delay the opening of a number of campgrounds. Keeping things in perspective, forces have been working virtually non-stop since last fall on this problem, and the majority of the campgrounds on the Forest will open on schedule this summer season. Every effort was made to have those campgrounds which typically open on Memorial Day weekend to meet that schedule. Due to the extremely large volume of tree mortality particularly in the 3000-6500 ft. elevation range however, not all have been treated in time for public use this upcoming holiday weekend.
The response has truly been a team effort, with the USFS, state, county, tribal community, homeowners and industry all responding together to address the issue in and around the Sierra National Forest. We will be working continuously on these, adjacent roads, trails and fuel breaks throughout the entire season to reduce the risk to public safety.
The following campgrounds which normally open for Memorial Day, will not be available;

Bass Lake Ranger District

  • Whishon Point Campground
  • Fish Creek Campground
  • Lakeside Picnic/Amphitheater
  • Recreation Point Camp/Picnic
  • Spring Cove Campground
  • Crane Valley Group Campground
  • Little Denver Church
  • Pine Slope
  • Jerseydale Campground
  • Rock Creek Campground
  • Placer Campground
  • Mammoth Pool Campground

High Sierra Ranger District

  • Dorabelle Campground
  • Gigantea Campground

Ross Cabin is a historical site that is located approximately 300 ft. off of Forest Road 4S81. This site is surrounded with dead trees that are a hazard to the public and is also closed. Other campgrounds are still available and can be reserved at For more information on the current status of the SNF, please contact your local ranger station.
Forest restoration is occurring throughout the forest and on several roads, which are subject to heavy equipment traffic. All of the following roads should be traveled on with caution.

  • 07S011X From County Rd 426 To End
  • 07S086 From County Rd 222 To County Rd 222 (It’s a loop road)
  • 07S062Y From County Rd 222 To The End
  • 07S023 From County Rd 223 To The End

Due to road segment 07S024 From County Rd 426 to the junction of 07S022IA, being only one lane in a sloped area, also with heavy equipment traffic, its public access with be restricted into July.

So everyone enjoy the weekend, and make sure to be firewise!


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