July 25

Collaborative Effort to Address Tree Mortality


Photo credit: USGS

The Union Democrat had a good article last month about the ongoing efforts to deal with tree mortality in California. Multiple agencies, organizations and private entities are collaborating to help deal with this epidemic.
From the the Union Democrat:

Contractors hired by the county have removed about 600 fallen trees strewn throughout the neighborhood over the past two weeks as part of a state-funded pilot program to reduce the public safety threat posed by the dry, dead timber.
An additional roughly 150 standing dead or dying trees located near county roads or Pacific Gas and Electric Co. power lines are due to be cut down and removed from the neighborhood over the coming weeks.
Tuolumne County supervisors, administrators, people from the state Office of Emergency Services, Cal Fire officials and several who sit on the governor’s statewide tree mortality task force were at Leisure Pines on Thursday for a tour to see some of the work that’s being conducted.
The project is a collaborative effort involving multiple public and private entities, including the county, state, Cal Fire, PG&E, Caltrans and several contractors and subcontractors.
“This is the first project of its kind,” said Ethan Billigmeier, administrative analyst for the county Office of Emergency Services. “We just want to make sure everybody we’re coordinating with gets a chance to see how the project is coming along.”


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