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At-Risk Eastern Madera County Communities

Are you at risk? The answer is YES!
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Homes burn homes. After evacuation and emergency preparedness, your top priority is to harden your home.
If your community is on the 2008 list below, you are probably at greater risk than those in less wildfire prone neighborhoods.
However, especially for those living in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), hardening your home is always a great objective in any case.

Protect Your Home & Structures

To a wildfire your home is fuel. There are numerous ways to reduce your home’s flammability with little things, like cleaning gutters, for example.
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If you are on the list of the Communities-at-Risk according to the 2008 Madera County Community Wildfire Protection Plan, you are at risk for wildfire.
If you live in the Wildland Urban Interface, you are at risk for wildfire.
Suffice to say that this list is just a guideline and does not cover everyone. Nor should the order of the communities be taken as more than a guideline. Catastrophe can strike anywhere.
If you find that your community is at-risk and would like a presentation nearby, or just want to learn more whether or not your community is listed, you are not alone.
REMEMBER: The Firewise Communities goal is helping folks take responsibility by taking action to protect their lives and property.
This list was created in order of risk-severity in 2008 according to the consultant. The 35 communities cited in the Madera County Community Wildfire Protection Plan are as follows:

  1. Cascadel Ranch
  2. Cedar Valley
  3. Road 620
  4. Nipinnawasee
  5. John West Rd
  6. Sugar Pine
  7. North Fork
  8. Oakhurst
  9. Bass Lake Annex
  10. Bass Lake
  11. Sky Acres
  12. Marina View
  13. Bass Lake Heights
  14. Yosemite Lakes Park
  15. Quartz Mtn
  16. Sierra Lakes
  17. Ahwahnee
  18. Beasore Meadows
  19. Teaford Meadows
  20. Mudge Ranch
  21. Arnold Meadow
  22. Wells/Trabuco
  23. Central Camp
  24. Wishon
  25. Miami Highlands
  26. Coarsegold
  27. Hidden View
  28. Yosemite Forks
  29. Sierra Highlands
  30. Goldside
  31. Raymond
  32. Meadow Springs
  33. Indian Lakes
  34. O’Neals
  35. Leisure Acres

The following communities are represented in their respective compartments:

  1. Oakhurst Area (Basin): Oakhurst, Mudge Ranch, Sierra Lakes, John West Road
  2. North Fork Area: North Fork, Teaford Meadows, Sierra Highlands, Bass Lake Annex, Cascadel Woods, Leisure Acres
  3. Ahwahnee: Ahwahnee, Goldside (includes Pike Ranch and Hillview Estates), Miami Highlands, Nipinnawasee
  4. Coarsegold Area: Coarsegold, Indian Lakes, Quartz Mountain, Yosemite Lakes Park, Wells/Trabuco, Meadow Springs Ranch
  5. Bass Lake Area – Bass Lake, Wishon, Marina View