April 15

2013 California Fire Safe Council Grants Clearinghouse Schedule


From the California Fire Safe Council:
The California Fire Safe Council

Save the Date! Grants Clearinghouse anticipated to open May 21, 2012
California Fire Safe Council (CFSC) is pleased to announce the 2013 Grants Clearinghouse Schedule:

Clearinghouse Opens and Call for Applications: May 21, 2012
Deadline for Submission: July 31, 2012 midnight
Funding Opportunities from the Grants Clearinghouse
California Fire Safe Council (CFSC) has been advised that the Grants Clearinghouse is anticipated to receive approximately $4.5 million in grant funds from the U.S. Forest Service State Fire Assistance program this fiscal year for the 2013 grant cycle.
The U.S Forest Service grant funds require a 50% cost share/match (“dollar for dollar”). Grant applications with less than a 50% match will be accepted for the 2013 Clearinghouse; however we greatly encourage applicants to provide as high a match as reasonable.
CFSC will host several Grant Writing Workshops throughout California starting in June 2012. An updated Request For Applications (RFA) and Planning Tool will be posted on our website by the opening date of the Clearinghouse.
The 2013 Application has undergone significant review and revision in an effort to simplify it and it is strongly recommended that all applicants, new and returning, attend one of the workshops.
Please check our website for more information or contact a Grant Manager.


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